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Four-year-old Chimp, Manno, Rescued from Iraq, Finds New Home in Kenya

Manno, a 4-year old chimpanzee from Africa has been liberated from a life…

Africa's tallest tree discovered on Mt. Kilimanjaro

It’s definitely a contender. Africa’s tallest indigenous tree –

Conservationists Step Up to the Plate to Combat Wildlife Poisoning

By Nic Elliot
Poison is wreaking havoc on wildlife populations throughout…

EU Strengthens Measures to Combat Trafficking in Wildlife Products

By Stefano A. Dejak
Wildlife populations around the world will decline…

Donors Gave $1.3 Billion to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade since 2010

image courtesy of OCBG
The Global Wildlife Program has released the…

In Vietnam, Conservationists, Prince Willian, Urge End to Illicit Wildlife Trade

 Thirteen organisations seeking to end illegal trade in wildlife…

2016 Likely to be Warmest Year on Record - UN Weather Agency

2016 Likely to be Warmest Year on Record - UN Weather Agency


Conservationists Organise Workshop to Combat Wildlife Poisoning in Kenya

image courtesy of National Geographic News
A consortium of concerned…

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA): Phase 2A of Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta on 29 October launched the contentious…

Top Level Recommendations for Action - SGR Phase 2


Study Warns of Alarming Animal Species Decline, Urges Conservation Action

Overall global vertebrate populations will decline by an average of 67…

Kenya to be removed from CITES list in February next year


Kenya will be removed from the Convention on International Trade…

Uganda’s symbolic bird - Crested crane nears extinction

Uganda’s Crested crane

The Grey Crowned Crane is the face of Uganda.

CITES Conference Ends with a Number of New Resolutions

The 17th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Convention on International…

Interview with Kitili Mbathi, Director General, Kenya Wildlife Service

From Banking to Conservation: Kitili Mbathi, Director General, Kenya Wildlife…

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Nairobi – Naivasha SGR approved route

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