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Kenya to be removed from CITES list in February next year


Kenya will be removed from the Convention on International Trade…

Uganda’s symbolic bird - Crested crane nears extinction

Uganda’s Crested crane

The Grey Crowned Crane is the face of Uganda.

CITES Conference Ends with a Number of New Resolutions

The 17th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Convention on International…

Interview with Kitili Mbathi, Director General, Kenya Wildlife Service

From Banking to Conservation: Kitili Mbathi, Director General, Kenya Wildlife…

NEMA Issues EIA Licence for Lamu Coal-Powered Plant in Contravention of Constitutional and EMCA Provisions

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the Lamu Coal-Powered…

Court Restrains Planned Railway Construction in Nairobi National Park

A Kenyan court has ordered the government not to proceed with the planned…

Satellite Tracking Helps Keep Elephants Safe from Poachers -- and Away from Crops

On 10 September, on a beautiful sunny day in Amboseli National Park, I…

Samburu Community to Open Elephant Sanctuary

Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy in Samburu County in northern Kenya is to…

Kenya receives international backing for global ban on ivory trade

Kenya's bid for domestic ivory markets to be closed received a major boost…

Some 15 per cent of World’s Land Protected, but Crucial Biodiversity Zones Left Out – Report

With 14.7 per cent of the Earth’s land and 12 per cent of its territorial…

Zimbabwe to dehorn its Rhino’s to curb down poaching

In what is being perceived as a last ditch effort to curb rampant poaching,

Final results from Great Elephant Census shows massive loss of African savannah elephants

Results of the two-year, $8 million Great Elephant Census (GEC) of African…

New app to offer live wildlife experience

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Virry, the…

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Nairobi – Naivasha SGR approved route

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